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    The all new BMW 3 Series Sedan.
    The ultimate driving machine.

    All new BMW 3 series Roundel Kidney Grilles Hofmeister Kink Quad Headlights The Ultimate Driving Machine  

    The original BMW 3 Series defined what a sports sedan should be - The Ultimate Driving Machine. The all new BMW 3 Series Sedan redefines the category perfectly. To celebrate its launch we invite you to celebrate the life, unique features and exhilarating times of BMW 3 Series.

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  • BMW E21

    BMW E21 Photo 1                                            

    May 2, 1975. The first generation BMW 3 Series rolls off the production line. It's the BMW E21, the car that created the sports sedan segment, the original Ultimate Driving Machine. Available as a two-door saloon model only, the BMW E21 was praised for its performance, dynamic rear-wheel drive handling andathletic sports styling, enjoying several successes on the racetrack, and marking the beginning of a BMW design philosophy that would reign supreme for years to come: it's all about the driver.

    1975 - BMW E21
  • BMW E30

    BMW E30 Photo 1                                    

    1982. The second generation BMW 3 Series is born. It's the BMW E30, and it's more aerodynamic, more efficient and more athletic than ever before. As became customary for all BMW vehicles, the BMW E30 excelled at exceeding expectations. It was tight and agile, and it delivered unprecedented build quality, sportiness and durability. In 1987, the BMW 325i took sporting performance to a new level with its 2.5 litre inline six-cylinder engine, making it one of the most powerful and compact vehicles of the time.

    1982 - BMW E30
  • BMW E36

    BMW E36 Photo 1                                

    The BMW E36 represented the first clear break from the styling conventions of the sports saloons of '75. Larger, stronger, and boasting the famous BMW near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive, the BMW E36 delivered more sophisticated suspension and trademark BMW engine design, laying strong foundations for the success of future models.

    1991 - BMW E36
  • BMW E46

    BMW E46 Photo 1      

    1998. The fourth generation BMW 3 Series is created. It's the BMW E46 now, and it continues to embody the spirit of BMW, upholding the reputation of its predecessors as the perfect sports sedan. With a reshaped body, aggressive sports styling, increased interior space and the widest range of high performance engine variants to date, the BMW E46 not only epitomised the dynamic handling and sporting performance of its ancestors, it was also widely considered the performance benchmark of its class. Truly an Ultimate Driving Machine.

    1998 - BMW E46
  • BMW E90

    BMW E90 Photo1                      

    2005. The fifth generation BMW 3 Series is launched. The BMW E90, is a whole new breed of Ultimate Driving Machine. With new engines, new transmissions, more advanced suspension technology and the addition of a comprehensive range of the most innovative standard and optional features, the perfect sports sedan reaches a new level of perfection. With trademark near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution and the striking athleticism of a sports car, the BMW E90 not only retained the superior driving dynamics and sporting character for which the BMW 3 Series is known, it exemplified them.

    2005 - BMW E90
  • 2012

    BMW F30

    Watch the BMW F30  

    Modern. Sport. Luxury. The all new BMW 3 Series has it all. BMW TwinPower Turbo exhilaration, near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive for unrivaled balance, handling and agility. You'll love the way you move in this Ultimate Driving Machine.

    Available now, the optional M Sport Package maximises sporting performance.
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    Modern Line

    Modern Line.

    If you relish sophisticated urban design, take a close look at the Modern Line. It emphasises the contemporary look with satin-finish aluminium design elements. The cabin features leather upholstery with Dark Oyster trim on the dashboard and steering wheel, while the unique 17" or 18" light alloy wheels in Turbine spoke style emphasise the futuristic design of this line.

    Sports Line

    Sport Line.

    This athletic, dynamic line is perfect for those who want to live life in the fast lane.
    Outside, black high-gloss trim elements and 17" or 18" light alloy wheels in a Double-spoke design emphasise the sporty character.

    In the cabin, red contrasting seams on the sports leather steering wheel and seats provide a striking appearance.

    Luxury Line

    Luxury Line.

    For those how appreciate the fine things in life, we offer the Luxury Line, embracing opulent, timeless design. The cockpit is enhanced with lavish Dakota leather seats, sports leather steering wheel and high-gloss wood panels with optional inlays. It also features 17" or 18" light alloy wheels in a luxurious Multi-spoke style.



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The most recognisable of all BMW design elements is its distinct logo, known as the BMW Roundel. For years, it was thought to symbolise a propeller against a blue sky, but this is a common misconception. In truth, the four quadrants derive from the colors in the Bavarian flag.

Kidney Grilles

Kidney Grilles.

Introduced at the 1933 Geneva Auto Show, the distinct shape of the BMW Kidney Grille first came from an effort to reduce aerodynamic drag. Over time, they have evolved from ovals to their currently low and wide kidney-like shape.

Hofmeister Kink

Hofmeister Kink.

Engineering innovations that continually set new benchmarks for the industry. Even subtle design signatures like the 'Hofmeister kink', the characteristic design of the side window at the C pillar - created by Wilhelm Hofmeister, BMW's Chief Designer from 1955 to 1970, and present in every BMW vehicle since its inception.

Quad Headlights

Quad Headlights.

The four round headlights, or "eyes" of every BMW, represent one of our most recent design changes. They first emerged with the original six-cylinder BMW 3 Series, but by the late 1980s, the four-eyed look had become standard in most models.

The Ultimate Driving Machine

The Ultimate Driving Machine.

At BMW, we're not limited by middle of the road expectations. We don't accept the accepted. It's you, the driver, who fuels our every idea, whether it's based on outstanding performance, comfort, pleasure or safety. With advanced thinking combined with our advanced technologies including BMW EfficientDynamics and BMW ConnectedDrive, we only make one thing - The Ultimate Driving Machine.


BMW TwinPower
Turbo Technology.

The all new BMW 3 Series Sedan is powered by class-leading BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. This patented technology combines high pressure direct fuel injection with turbochargers in a magnesium alloy. BMW TwinPower turbo combines the latest injection technology with fully variable camshaft control and innovative turbo charging technology. So you'll enjoy maximum propulsion while reducing fuel consumption.



BMW ConnectedDrive describes all the innovations that network you, your vehicle and the world around you. It includes the optional full-colour BMW Head-Up Display, available for the first time in a BMW 3 Series Sedan. This projects all relevant driving information into your immediate field of vision, so you can take it in without diverting your eyes from the road.


8-Speed Automatic.

One of the features contributing to the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan's best-in-class status is its 8-speed sport automatic transmission with Auto Start/Stop function. Performing fast and smooth gear changes and lowering fuel consumption significantly, it helps contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride.


50:50 weight

Rear-wheel drive and the intelligent use of modern lightweight materials ensure that the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan's overall weight is distributed evenly between the two axles. The result is excellent handling and outstanding agility for maximum enjoyment and sports car exhilaration on every bend.


Rear-wheel drive.

Every BMW 3 Series Sedan is rear-wheel drive. Why? Simple physics. When under power, front wheels can spin, which leads to loss of traction. Rear-wheel drive ensures a more even distribution of weight, for complete control, under any conditions. In essence, the front wheels are dedicated to steering, while the rear wheels are assigned the task of powering the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan.


M Sport Package.

Available to order now, the
optional M Sport Package
maximises sporting

• 19" M light-alloy wheels
• New M Sport steering wheel
• Dakota leather upholstery
• M Sport suspension
• Sport seats